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July 05

How’s things pres season starting soon with my seniors, would yous concentrate on just cardio for a few weeks and try using footballs where i can or would yous be looking at doing some shape work

July 04

🎉⚽️ Here we have a practice dedicated to developing the Back 4 Unit's defensive skills against 4 v 4 attacks and swift transitions after regaining possession. The objective is for the defenders to stay compact, preventing attackers from penetrating.


Develop the Defensive Unit ...

Here we have a practice dedicated to developing the Back 4...
June 30

On one side of the field, we have our Back 4 and a goalkeeper, while on the other side, we have two attacking teams ready to go. The action begins when the ball is fed to the goalkeeper, sparking the start of our build-up play.
The defensive unit has the freedom to showcase their passing skills, using clever patterns to navigate towards the mini goals.


Build from the Back & Defen...

Coaches, it's time to elevate our Back 4's skills in build-up...
October 20

Leon - Can I get some help with the The Coach Platform? It won't let me create a new animation. When I click to create new animation, it just opens up my most recent draft.

October 25

It for the first time in the world

October 16
November 06

Hi, I am new here. What is the difference between for example phase 1 and phase 5. I sometimes see this in exercises?

May 19, 2022
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October 31

Where can I find this? Sorry I‘m new.