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February 29

I’m trying to create content via the coach platform and I can neither save, or generate video. It keeps saying data is invalid. Can someone help with trouble shooting. Very frustrated

February 28

What are the different prices for this program?

How much is the bundle? Is the bundle the only way you cam create your own formation and sequence of play to show our players?

February 28

Best videos to watch as new coach stepping into step 5 development football a very positive start but looking to expand knowledge ready for next season prep

February 28

Is there a way to save specific videos into a file?

February 27

Hello mates. New user to this platform. Question, How may I see a history of videos that I viewed? Last night I watched a great video but can not recall the title. Thank you

January 21

Hi All,
Does anyone have personal development plans template they can share or know where to find one? Thanks in Advance

February 27

My mid fielders have a hard time attacking and then transitioning to defend . Any ideas?

February 20

🎉⚽️ The Coach Platform How To's 

Introducing "The Coach Platform" Video Collection: Explore a series of tutorials designed to help you navigate our innovative tool seamlessly. From crafting personalised animations to creating match strategies or analysis, our videos provide step-by-step guidance for coaches of all levels. Our video collection guides you through every aspect of utilising this coaching tool, from mastering the animation interface to leveraging advanced analysis features. Elevate your coaching game and unlock new possibilities with "The Coach Platform" Video Collection today!⚽️ 

October 16, 2023
February 12

🎉 Technical Passing & Movement | 84-P3

It's time to get our players passing and moving using this simple technical practice. The objective is for players to pass to teammates and then run to the free cone in the area. We have added a simple progression to increase the number of passes in this practice. Players must focus on their passing weight and accuracy and must use quick scans to check where the free cone is at all times. 🙌⚽️


Technical Passing & Movemen...

It's time to get our players passing and moving using this...