Apr 17 at 02:28 PM

🎉 Pass and Press Activation | Warm Up (WU-34)

It's time to activate your players passing and pressing with this simple warm up exercise. We have a central 4-yard square which players will pass between, playing on one touch, two touch and executing short 1-2 combinations. After passing across, players must sprint to press, forcing the player to take a good touch to avoid interceptions. We can increase the size of the square and work in the opposite direction to add variation to this simple but effective warm up. 🙌⚽️


Pass and Press Activation |...

00:00 Intro & Breakdown00:14 Key Point 1: Body Shape To...

Apr 16 at 04:12 PM

Hi Stewart, 

A simple practice like this one can help a lot: https://app.touchtight.com/programs/the-defence-splitting-pass-individual-23-p15

I would maybe create a few square zones using cones at different distances as well which she must aim to get the ball to stop in there, helping with practicing well weighted passes. Excitement/rushing is usually also a factor when playing through balls/switches so staying calm is also a key factor in this.👌


Apr 16 at 02:54 PM

🔥 Break Lines to Exploit Overloads | 47-P9

This practice focuses on developing teams ability to progress possession between the lines and exploit attacking overloads. Initially, two defenders aim to progress play into the second zone while screened by the opposition striker. Once the pass is made, one defender advances to create a 3 v 3 situation in the second zone. Upon passing into the final zone, the three players from the second zone move forward to create a 6 v 4 attacking overload, with the aim to finish. If the defending team gains possession in any zone, they must transfer the ball to their striker to earn a goal. Let's get our team progressing play with confidence! 🔥⚽️


Break Lines to Exploit Over...

00:00 Intro & Breakdown00:21 Key Point 1: Through...

Apr 16 at 08:14 AM

Hi JW, the progressions have been updated. Thanks for spotting this 🙌



Apr 15 at 02:12 PM

🎉 Beat the Chaos to Switch | 50-P2

This practice emphasises enhancing players' awareness, first touch, and passing accuracy for our younger age groups. The goal is for outside players to link up with central teammates, who receive the ball, turn, and pass to their outside teammate. Central players must navigate around others in the zone, timing passes to prevent collisions. Once players are comfortable, we can introduce a rotation progression to keep them on their toes and moving throughout the practice. 🙌⚽️


Beat the Chaos to Switch | ...

00:00 Practice Breakdown00:17 Progression: Rotations &...


Apr 11 at 11:32 AM

🎉 City v Madrid | CB Stepping Into Midfield

This release illustrates how City used their Centre Back to create an overload in the central area, a tactical strategy fast becoming the new thing in Elite Level football. What do you make of this tactical trend? 👀


City v Madrid | CB Stepping...

This release illustrates how City used their Centre Back to...

Apr 11 at 11:24 AM

Hi JW, thanks for spotting this! The correct PDF has been added. 🙌



Apr 10 at 03:48 PM

⚽️ Midfield Shape to Stop Penetration (CDM) | 89-P7

In this CDM specific practice, we focus on building a solid midfield to block penetrating passes. The goal is for the two outside teams to pass the ball between each other, while the central team stays compact and aims to intercept. When the central team gains possession, they pass to the end player and switch out with the team that lost the ball. The midfield unit must communicate effectively, recognise moments to intercept and maintain compactness throughout! 💪⚽️


Midfield Shape to Stop Pene...

00:00 Intro & Breakdown00:15 Key Point 1: Not Compact...


Apr 10 at 02:41 PM

🔃 Winger/Full Back Rotations to Break Midfield Line

This video showcases how Liverpool's Full Back, Winger and Central Midfielders combined with their rotational movement to split the Brighton Front 3 and Midfield 3 with 3 passes. See where you can connect your players with key rotational movement that can be taken into games. 


Winger/Full Back Rotations ...

This video showcases how Liverpool's Full Back, Winger and...


Apr 09 at 02:03 PM

🎉 231 v 312 - The High Press

Our Touchtight philosophy offers innovative strategies for organising your team in a 231 formation (7 v 7) to effectively press the opposition during goal kicks. Explore our techniques and insights to counteract an opposition employing a 312 formation, gaining a tactical advantage on the pitch.


231 v 312 - The High Press

Our Touchtight philosophy offers innovative strategies for...