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Feb 22 at 02:22 PM

🔥 Attacking Overloads in the Final Third | 86-P9

This functional practice focuses on enhancing possession skills and exploiting attacking advantages in the final third. It starts in the possession zone, where a 6 v 2 rondo intensifies the session. The aim is for the attacking team to complete 8 passes, transitioning to attacking teammates in open play (6 v 4). As the breakout pass occurs, the defensive fullback initiates their recovery run to stop the attack. If the defenders regain possession during the rondo or open play, they must combine or finish in either mini goal. 🙌⚽️


Attacking Overloads in the ...

This functional practice focuses on enhancing possession...


Feb 21 at 02:18 PM

🔥 Supporting the Counter Attack | 49-P10

Experience a dynamic practice centred on winning possession and executing lightning-fast counter-attacks! Two teams start outside the rondo zone, while two defenders aim to win possession in the middle. The remaining teammates engage in shuttle runs, ready to support once possession is won. Players will pass out wide through the gates, setting up a wide player to deliver a cross for a 2 v 1 opportunity in the box. Working together as a pair to win possession, passing weight into space for the winger to receive in stride and speed from attacking players to support the attack are key coaching points in this one!🔥⚽️


Supporting the Counter Atta...

Experience a dynamic practice centred on winning possession...


Feb 20 at 02:20 PM

⚽️ Combinations & 2 v 2 Attacks | 86-P5

This skill practice is focused on refining combination play and 2v2 attacks! In a compact 30 by 30-yard area, three attackers combine around mannequins while defenders move through the agility circuits. Attackers pass and combine, while defenders aim to disrupt in a 2v2 scenario. With seamless transitions, this session offers valuable skill development for players at every level.⚽️🔥


Combinations & 2 v 2 Attack...

This skill practice is focused on refining combination play...


Feb 20 at 12:58 PM

🎉⚽️ The Coach Platform How To's 

Introducing "The Coach Platform" Video Collection: Explore a series of tutorials designed to help you navigate our innovative tool seamlessly. From crafting personalised animations to creating match strategies or analysis, our videos provide step-by-step guidance for coaches of all levels. Our video collection guides you through every aspect of utilising this coaching tool, from mastering the animation interface to leveraging advanced analysis features. Elevate your coaching game and unlock new possibilities with "The Coach Platform" Video Collection today!⚽️ 


Feb 19 at 02:05 PM

🔥 Speed, Agility & Finishing | Warm Up ( WU-33 )

Get ready for an invigorating warm-up designed to ignite players' passing precision, agility, and scoring ability in preparation for the session ahead. Players are split into two groups, working through identical circuits simultaneously. Players will combine, sprint around poles and receive through balls before driving with the ball to finish in the mini goals. Let's get our players sharp and ready for the rest of the session! ⚽️


Speed, Agility & Finishing ...

Get ready for an invigorating warm-up designed to ignite...


Feb 15 at 02:32 PM

🔥 Finishing Inside the Box | 86-P4

Let's sharpen our focus on Finishing, a favourite amongst your attacking players! In this dynamic competition, each player will have two opportunities to strike from various angles within the box, challenging their accuracy and first-time shooting prowess. The objective? To be the team to score the most goals by the round's end. It's time to make every shot count and secure those crucial goals on match day! 🔥⚽️


Finishing Inside the Box | ...

Let's sharpen our focus on Finishing, a favourite amongst your...


Feb 14 at 03:16 PM

⚽️ Wingers Dribbling & Control | 38-P3

This technical practice focuses specifically on our wingers, developing their dribbling skills, enhancing directional first touches, and bolstering their ability to drive forward while maintaining possession. Players will rotate through the circuit individually, engaging in dribbling, passing, and dynamic ball control. Once a player completes their circuit run, the next player takes over, ensuring continuous development and momentum.🔥⚽️


Wingers Dribbling & Control...

This technical practice focuses specifically on our wingers,...


Feb 13 at 06:25 PM

⚽️🔥 How to Play Full Back - Phase 1

Do you need help playing or coaching your full backs? In this position specific video we delve into the critical role of full backs during Phase 1 build-up play, emphasising their pivotal role in initiating attacks from the defensive third. Focusing on the nuances of positional awareness, decision-making, passing precision, and effective communication, this tactical guide equips full-backs with the tools needed to navigate pressure, provide width, and seamlessly transition possession from defence to attack. By mastering these fundamentals, full-backs become linchpins in their team's strategic approach, unlocking avenues for fluidity and creativity in the build-up phase.


How to Play Full Back - Pha...

In this position specific video we delve into the critical...


Feb 12 at 02:02 PM

🎉 Technical Passing & Movement | 84-P3

It's time to get our players passing and moving using this simple technical practice. The objective is for players to pass to teammates and then run to the free cone in the area. We have added a simple progression to increase the number of passes in this practice. Players must focus on their passing weight and accuracy and must use quick scans to check where the free cone is at all times. 🙌⚽️


Technical Passing & Movemen...

It's time to get our players passing and moving using this...


Feb 12 at 02:00 PM

⚽️ Defending Against Overloads | 60-P5

Dive into an intense practice developing defensive organisation against attacking overloads. A pass into the striker triggers the action, with a 3 v 2 attacking overload taking place. The objective is for the defenders to work as a unit to win possession and play out into the mini goal, simulating playing out to the CDM. Attackers must use their numerical advantage to penetrate the defensive unit, looking to finish in either of the two mini goals. We have added two progressions to increase the challenge for players and change the dynamic of their attacking and defensive play. 💪⚽️


Defending Against Overloads...

Dive into an intense practice developing defensive...