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April 03

🔥 Switch Play & Back Post Deliveries | 83-P7

This practice takes place in a full half of the pitch, focusing on a pattern play to develop switches and back-post deliveries. Two groups execute set patterns, emphasising wide combinations and receiving in the half space for delivery. We can enhance this by introducing defenders, elevating the challenge for attackers. Emphasise accurate, well-weighted switches, realistic build-up movements, and quality back-post deliveries throughout. 🎉⚽️ 


Switch Play & Back Post Del...

00:00 Intro & Breakdown00:38 Progression 1: 3 v 2 In Wide...
January 17

🎯 Cone Throwing Target Range | WU-29

Developing the fun/social side of the game can be just as important as developing the technical/tactical side when building your team. This fun warm up is designed to do just that, while also focusing on players dribbling, awareness and finishing. Players will dribble through the "Target Range", looking to avoid the cones being thrown at them, and getting their team a point for each goal they score. After both teams have gone through the range, the team with the most points is declared the winner. The losing team will have to do a physical forfeit chosen by the winning team! ⚽️


Cone Throwing Target Range ...

Developing the fun/social side of the game can be just as...
February 20

⚽️ Combinations & 2 v 2 Attacks | 86-P5

This skill practice is focused on refining combination play and 2v2 attacks! In a compact 30 by 30-yard area, three attackers combine around mannequins while defenders move through the agility circuits. Attackers pass and combine, while defenders aim to disrupt in a 2v2 scenario. With seamless transitions, this session offers valuable skill development for players at every level.⚽️🔥


Combinations & 2 v 2 Attack...

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February 19

🔥 Speed, Agility & Finishing | Warm Up ( WU-33 )

Get ready for an invigorating warm-up designed to ignite players' passing precision, agility, and scoring ability in preparation for the session ahead. Players are split into two groups, working through identical circuits simultaneously. Players will combine, sprint around poles and receive through balls before driving with the ball to finish in the mini goals. Let's get our players sharp and ready for the rest of the session! ⚽️


Speed, Agility & Finishing ...

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April 02

🎉 Developing the Switch | 50-P7

In this practice, we prioritise the crucial skill of switching play to exploit space effectively. Players engage in short passing sequences before executing precise switches to our full backs in space out wide. Our full backs will receive on the run before switching play again to the opposite winger, getting them comfortable playing these passes for when the opportunities arise on game day. We have two progressions to this practice that focus on our wingers ability to receive and drive and 1 v 1 duels.🔥⚽️


Developing the Switch | 50-P7

00:00 Introduction & Breakdown00:17 Key Point 1: Body...
November 03, 2023

It's time to develop penetrating passes to break the line and exploit overloads to finish in this functional practice. We setup a central grid where 3 players from each team are positioned. The objective is for the team in possession to move the opposition and create gaps to play penetrating passes through for their two attackers. If they are successful with this, the attackers must exploit the 2 v 1 overload and finish past the goalkeeper. High quality passing, off-the-ball movement to create angles to receive and increased ball speed when playing through are key coaching points in this one! 💪 ⚽️


Break the Line to Finish | ...

It's time to develop penetrating passes to break the line and...
April 02

⚽️ Switching the Point of the Attack | 83-P12

This advanced lead practice occurs on a full half of the pitch, focusing on developing switching the point of the attack and deliveries into the box for finishing. We will work one group at a time, refining short passing combinations before executing a long switch of play to the winger, who receives on the run and delivers into the box for our attackers to finish unopposed. We incorporate three progressions that introduce active defending in the box and out wide, modify central combinations, and apply opposition pressure in the build-up. 💪⚽️


Switching the Point of the ...

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March 22

🎉 Play Out from the Back | 28-P12

Let's take a look at a Technical Pattern of Play that can help improve our players ability when playing out from the back. Players will start on each of the cones, moving through the set pattern using one and two touch passes and following their passes to the next station. Once players are comfortable and are in a good flow, we can increase the challenge by adding 1-2 combinations throughout the sequence. Let's play out from the back with confidence! 💪⚽️


Play Out from the Back | 28...

Let's take a look at a Technical Pattern of Play that can help...
March 27

⚽️ Passing & Recovery Runs (CDM) | 89-P4

This dynamic technical practice is aimed at refining one-touch passing and defensive recovery runs,  specifically for our CDM's in a 433 setup. To begin, the 4 players will engage in rapid one-touch passes before swiftly sprinting to block or intercept passes from the coach.  Processing information correctly and speed to recover are key coaching points in this one! 🙌 ⚽️


Passing & Recovery Runs (CD...

This dynamic technical practice is aimed at refining one-touch...
January 29

🚨 New Phase 4 Releases 🚨

Hi Coaches! We are kicking off this week with a bang, releasing all new Phase 4 Content:

  1. Coach Curriculum 61: 5 Week Plan (Phase 4: Begin the Press)

  2. Session 639: Phase 4: Begin the Press (Match Day + 2)

  3. Session 640: Phase 4: Begin the Press (Match Day+3)

  4. Session 641: Phase 4: Begin the Press (Match Day-3)

  5. Session 642: Phase 4: Begin the Press (Match Day-2)

  6. Session 643: Phase 4: Begin the Press (Match Day-1)

Let us know if you find these useful and how your players got on. 💪⚽️