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Leon Jackson

Mar 01 at 11:15 AM

Jeremy Tackis it depends, for some of us the 4 is the 6! 😉


Feb 28 at 05:40 PM

Thanks for the feedback Jukka Lahtinen. Yes we need to get our voiceover added here to explain video rather than the music. 


Feb 22 at 10:16 PM

Hi Jukka Lahtinen can you let me know if this is now working for you?


Feb 21 at 08:49 AM

Hi all, it would be great to hear if the Coach Platform tutorials come in useful. It's a slight learning curve but once you get stuck into it, you should be flowing! 💪 

Hi abdirahman ali abubakar hopefully this has been sorted for you now. 

Feb 19 at 07:09 PM

Thanks Francisco Robledo. Did your group try this one out?


Hey Bobby Robinson yes for sure. We will be building these out as quickly as we can. 👍


LaRon Givens yes this is a nice transition into the 341 defensive structure.. will create something on this. 👌


Feb 19 at 12:32 PM

Eric Engleby This really helps us mate, so thanks again.


Feb 19 at 12:13 AM

Yes Mats Lønne  we will be creating more of these for sure soon!. 👍