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Leon Jackson


Nov 14 at 06:01 PM

The Tactical Periodization Approach! 🎉

We have recently created more in depth practices and sessions in the last few weeks, to help you aid player recovery and conditioning from a tactical and physical perspective for games on the weekend.

It would be great to hear if this is useful for you or not in the comments below... 👌 (Yes or No)


Oct 23 at 05:19 PM


Oct 16 at 10:05 PM


Oct 09 at 09:04 AM

Hi everyone, we have recently been testing coach questions and possible solutions in videos to help coaches with delivery.

We are after as much feedback as possible on this style of video, so please have a watch and let us know what you would change if anything. We want our material to be as well suited for our users and coaches as possible, so your feedback is invaluable! 👌


Sep 28 at 10:41 AM

Hi everyone, 

We are currently adding voiceovers for all new videos. Could you let us know which you prefer if any from the videos above?

We are also adding English subtitles to videos for when you can't play audio for whatever reason. We are considering adding subtitles for all videos so would be interested to see if this would be useful for you before we dive in! 👌 


Sep 14 at 11:35 AM

Hi all, a quick update on what we have coming up these next few days.

Today: 3 v 2 Penetrating Passing Exercise: Great for helping players find those gaps between defenders in games

Tomorrow: Diagonal Passing Technical Warm Up - All about timing and helping players be more aware of teammates positioning

Monday - Medium Sided Game - Developing Final Third Combinations

It's been great being able to work collaboratively to develop these different practices. Please send in your requests for content below and we will get to creating these as quickly as we can for you. 💪

Love the Game! 


Sep 14 at 11:29 AM

🎉 We are pleased to announce the release of our 442 formation based practices, a valuable resource for our customers.

The 442 formation is a fundamental tactical approach in soccer, and our practices are designed to help players and coaches enhance their understanding and execution of this formation.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, our drills and insights cover various aspects of the 442 formation, from defensive strategies to midfield transitions and attacking plays. These resources are a valuable addition and training toolkit, providing you with the tools to improve your 442 style of play. 

We appreciate any suggestions.. your feedback is invaluable! 🤝


Aug 10 at 01:09 PM

A quick look 👀 at how our first week of scheduling looks so you can get an idea of what is being set for release. 
This is your chance to let us know what content you would like to be created and we can get these built on request where possible. 💪


Aug 10 at 01:07 PM

Here we go.. It's time to get organised for the season ahead and get Touchtight a little bit more organised for our users.

The new calendar feature now allows us to schedule planned content for release so you can keep up to date with new releases!

It will also help you with what to watch and when, as we look to structure our training plans this season so you can follow along. 

Let us know your thoughts on what we think will be a great feature for you moving forwards. 🙏


Aug 09 at 07:43 PM

Pre-Season is in full flow for coaches and teams around the world, and so it's time to test your players in games.

Comment the formation you would like to see created below and we will be building the most popular requested content asap! 👷🏼‍♂️🎬⚽️