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Leon Jackson

Feb 19 at 12:12 AM

Just doing some digging for the few you have sent across Eric Engleby thanks for the heads up!


Feb 19 at 12:08 AM

Hey Ashley  that is fantastic! Can we use your comment on our socials.. would be great to let users know how this can impact their teams. 👌


Feb 05 at 09:11 PM

Hi Shane, we're hoping soon. Just sorting the new platform ready for release for clubs. 


Jan 28 at 10:07 AM

Tough one to adapt, could maybe have it the same but instead of your GK they are a sweeper, and could have a double pivot who combine against a single defender who can press. Depends on numbers you have but, I would try to go 3-4-2 (inside wingers each side to encourage wing backs overlapping) against 7. (16 players needed, 17 with a GK)


Jan 27 at 12:29 AM

How would you coach this with your groups? 🤔


David Caie Hey, we're going to be diving into the formations and position content pretty soon. Especially passing patterns in each phase against different opposition. We have new product release coming in the next few weeks so a lot of effort has been going into this for you guys. 👌

Jan 22 at 08:29 PM

Hi Levi De Morney , not sure we have received this request. No problem in this one instance if you need to use for academic purposes. We do ask anybody who wishes to use any video that it is requested like you have here, so no problem at all. Thanks for the positive feedback and I wish you luck in your Academic assessment, would be great to hear more about this. 

Jan 22 at 03:23 PM

Hi Colin Pickering we do have summary ones that you can use here. just use password TTCTITANS to download all templates. We will be creating. more detailed ILPs in the coming weeks to allow you to go into real detail with the 4 corner model.We have a club platform coming soon, that will allow you to record, share and monitor Player Development Plans online, so watch this space!

Jan 22 at 03:21 PM

Hi Troy Ives good shout. We are working on our filters on the backend and at the moment are trying to get our formations populated. Area size will be next on the list. Can you let me know how you woujld normally try to filter this.. Would you just want a list of areas, e.g. 20 x 20, 30 x 30 etc. or want to determine width independently of length?Any feedback would be great Steve Sakes also 

Jan 22 at 03:19 PM

Sorry John Powney  missed this. We're developing new session planner for our users sop been non stop trying to get this sorted. Did you menage to get hold of a session that was useful. These themes might work for supporting the attack in general..Theme 05 Developing Support Play: 16 Supporting the Counter: 43: Forward Passing and Support: me know if this comes in useful, apologies for the delay.